The College That Never Sleeps

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The College of Architecture offers a five-year program that leads to a degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

The University of Santo Tomas College of Architecture, consistent with the University’s vision as a Center of Excellence in various programs of teaching, research and community extension, commits itself to continue being the leading institution of architectural education, the well-spring of studies in the built and natural environment and effective proponent architecture as a social art through its outreach programs. Further, in fulfillment of the University’s role as a Center of Contextualized Theology in Asia, the College of Architecture will be a praying community, followers of Christ who daily strive and persevere in living the Faith with aid of divine grace and the loving intercession of Mother Mary.

About the College

The UST College of Architecture commits itself to:

  • develop creative and competent architects endowed with intellectual discipline and unalloyed integrity, fully able to meet the challenges of design and management of building projects in the 21st century;
  • provide opportunities for the academic growth of its faculty through post-graduate studies aw well as research projects;
  • upgrade physical facilities and educational resources to assure an efficient teaching-learning environment; and
  • initiate and maintain external linkages.

The College of Architecture exists…

  • to have a curriculum that is well-designed befitting the status of “Center of Excellence” in the field of Architecture, that is attuned to the needs of the time;
  • to review existing textbooks and identify subjects where textbooks can be written;
  • to update and develop relevant instructional methodologies that are innovative, easily understood and appreciated by students, supported by facilities and equipment as necessary;
  • to develop a faculty that are highly qualified in their field of expertise, updated with the latest trends and development, and active in national and international professional organizations; and
  • To establish an extension program beneficial to non-COE and have a workable outreach program for deprived/depressed communities.

The College is located at the Beato Angelico Building, University of Santo Tomas, España, Manila


Asst. Prof. John Joseph T. Fernandez                    Dean
Rev. Fr. Manuel F. Roux, O.P.                                Regent
Asst. Prof. Ma. Vicenta D. Sanchez                         College Secretary

Contact Info

Second Floor, Beato Angelico Building,
University of Santo Tomas, España, Manila 1008
Telephone (632) 406-1611 Loc. 8229; Telefax: (632) 731-4343